Welcome to the Russellville Junior High Library. We are located at the center of the Junior High, where we connect the eighth and ninth-grade sides of the school. Because of this, we really do consider our library space the "HEART" of the school! 

RJHS students visit the library through their English, History, and Science classes on a monthly rotation. However, the library is open for students to use each day, as long as students have an appropriate teacher pass to visit.

- Once a month, during one of the English class visits, we offer a Book Talk Coffee Shop to our students. Students love to visit our coffee shop for hot cocoa, cappuccino, or coffee ($1.00 each) to enjoy during their library visit. 

Library Newsletter- RJHS Reads
This is a monthly newsletter that details the happenings and programs in the RJHS Library. It is sent out digitally and paper copies are distributed. It’s a fun way to keep the students and teachers informed of new things going on in the library.



Follettt Destiny

Students can search the Destiny Card Catalog to view the books available in our library. Click on this link you can sign in using your school credentials. 

Overdrive Logo

Overdrive in an app that allows students to download (borrow) and read electronic books on their phones, tablets, and other portable devices.

Arkansas State Library

The Arkansas State Library offers a free online research database that is an excellent tool for finding verified sources.

World Book Image

Online Encyclopedia
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Password:  state


The library also coordinates a reading incentive program called "RJHS Reads!" where students #READLIKEAWHIRLWIND". Our reading incentive programs pairs with the district-wide reading campaign “RSD Reads”. This is a reading campaign that encompasses everything we do to encourage reading and the love of literacy in our building and district-wide. It is used as a hashtag, “#rjhsreads” and “#rsdreads”.

For this program, students are asked to briefly book-talk when they finish a book, and they receive points for what they read. With every book talk given, students earn a prize ticket, entitling them to either an item from the prize bucket or a rare coffee shop voucher! At 50, 100, 150, and 200 points, students earn extra incentives to read, such as a trip to the movies or lunch in the library. The more book talks a student gives, the more chances they have to win

RJHS Library Instagram

The Library has an Instagram that students are encouraged to follow to keep up with new things happening in the library. We post every day to help advertise books and keep students informed. We have themed days that we post:

Must Read Monday

Book Talk Tuesday

Would You Rather Wednesday

Thumbs up Thursday

First Page Friday