RSD Board of Education Appoints Acting Superintendent

Link to Press Release Announcing Holt as Acting Superintendent

For immediate release: RSD Board of Education Appoints Acting Superintendent

Russellville Board of Education President Chris Cloud, on behalf of the Russellville Board of Education, has formally accepted a 30-day leave of absence request from Superintendent Dr. Mark Gotcher, under the Families First Coronavirus Response Act during an 8 p.m. called board meeting, Monday, December 14.

Dr. Gotcher formally requested a leave of absence based on the diagnosis from his doctors who feel a 30-day leave of absence is in the best interest of his health and recovery.

The Board of Education has named, Jeff Holt as the RSD acting Superintendent. Jeff Holt will be making decisions and managing all day to day operations for the district.

Dr. Gotcher says he is “looking forward to returning in full health as Superintendent of the Russellville School District.”

On behalf of the Gotcher family, The Russellville School Board asks for prayers for a quick recovery for both, Dr. and Mrs. Gotcher. The RSD Board of Education asks our patrons, faculty, and staff to respect the Gotcher family’s privacy at this time so they may focus on their health.


RSD School Board President, Chris Cloud