RJHS September 2021 Employee and Student of the Month!

Our student of the month was nominated by Mrs. Covey, and she nominated Taylor Roach.  Here is what Mrs. Covey had to say about Taylor: 

Taylor Roach is the Student of the month. This kid is such a great role model to all our students at RJHS! Not only is he the student that strives to do his best, but he also helps and motivates everyone around him. When I need someone to help with an extra project in Student Council, Taylor is the first to volunteer. When I am SO proud of all my students for working hard DURING team time, I get emails from Taylor who has taken work HOME to ensure we are ready when class starts the next day. In class, he is the perfect leader, and outside of class when others aren’t even watching… when no one is expecting… Taylor is kind and considerate of others. He is thoughtful of his actions and how they will affect others. He truly is deserving of being RJHS student of the month!--

Our employee of the month was nominated by Mrs. Hall, and she nominated Mrs. Statham.  Here is what Mrs. Hall had to say about Mrs. Statham:

She is kind but consistent, which is more than enough for a nomination; however, she has also picked up projects when teachers have had too much on their plates as well as supported teachers with curriculum, SPED, and disciplinary issues.  I personally have had the pleasure of receiving Hope's help, and it was invaluable to me on more than one occasion.  Although her background is in elementary education, her heart is in education as a whole, with the students who come into our building each day, and the staff who work so hard to protect and teach those students.  She is a role model and her worth to this building cannot be adequately expressed, not by me anyway.

Congratulations to Taylor and Mrs. Statham!!!