September employee and student of the month red background with black and white and red confetti and polaroid frame

Congratulations to September Employee of the Month, Mrs. Janie Duvall, and September Student of the Month, Taylor Roach! 

Taylor Roach was nominated by Mrs. Covey and Mrs. Ronda! Here is what they had to say about why they thought Taylor should be Student of the Month:

"He is truly the best person to represent STCO and our school. He works so hard and does everything with 100% effort. Already this year Taylor has put in some major hours working on Student Council projects. He always has kind words of support for his fellow classmates and teachers. I will never admit to having favorites, but he is one I will brag on forever! His thoughtfulness and work ethic just make a lasting impression."

"Taylor is absolutely precious.  Every time I see him he has a smile on his face.  He is willing to help anyone that is in need of help whether it be staff, students, or strangers he is one of the 1st to volunteer.  He is a great representation of RJHS."

 Mrs. Janie was also nominated by Mrs. Covey and Mrs. Ronda and here is what they had to say about why they thought Mrs. Janie should be Employee of the Month:

"This place would simply NOT run without her! Janie has the biggest heart for our students and staff. If something breaks, we go to Janie, if we are confused and need help; we go to Janie. If we need someone to go to bat for us… it’s Janie! And she does it all with a smile and a… I got you, girl. Just thinking of her makes me smile because as needy as we can be, she always has the patience to listen and lend a hand. We love you, Janie! "

"I would like to nominate Mrs. Janie for employee of the month.  Janie has never turned me away no matter how busy she was.  She is always there to lend a hand or an ear to listen to me when I need it.  Janie is always there to go to bat for things she knows we need help with and is just amazing at all she does.  RJHS would not be the same with you, Mrs. Janie."

Congratulations Taylor and Mrs. Janie!

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